Indian monsoon forecast 2018 – Skymet predict to be normal rainfall

Skymet said monsoon 2018 to be normal the range of 96-104 per cent of the LPA and rainfall around 887  mm average in India. Private agency Skymet further forecasts 55% chance of normal rainfall. Our country live hold mainly depend on agriculture business. In India 65% business are depend upon agro related business and we agroinfomart agriculture portal provide all agriculture business information at our portal where you can get all information.

Last 6 year monsoon prediction Chart and actual rainfall over in india.

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Main Monsoon predict 2018 By Normal, Above normal , below normal monsson and drought as per percentage

  1. Normal Monsoon 2018 – 55%
  2. Above Monsoon 2018  – 20%
  3. Below Monsoon 2018  – 20%
  4. Drought – 0%

La Nina conditions would affect mainly in July and august month so July and august rainfall activity slightly decrease but not major affect.  in the last year Sw monsoon 2017 arrive on kerala 30 may and after all normal rainfall across the india. in this year mainly central india (MP, Maharashtra,Chhattisgarh and central region of india ) will get good rainfall.



Last year IMD Expect monsoon 2017 normal and actual after all monsoon normal and got good rainfall distributed all countries exclude some extreme southern region of India. Beginning with June and first week of july , the onset month of Monsoon would give normal to above normal rains over the country as specially southern part of india will give above normal rainfall.


The Agriculture Minister has told how the conspiracy was hatched to provoke farmers

Minister of State for Agriculture Parshottam Rupala said on the farmers’ agitation in the state that the government is working for the benefit of the farmers, he wants to take a look. He said that the farmers were fired in Madhya Pradesh and the bullets went on them. All this has happened under a conspiracy. The highest agricultural growth rate in the country is in Madhya Pradesh. Loans at zero percent interest rates are also being received by the farmers in this state.

In Gujarat, farmers have to pay a one percent loan. He said that the farmers will have to think what they are doing. Today if Kailash was a Babuji then there were no such incidents in the state. Rupala, on Monday, a farmer leader of BJP in Tillur Khurd village of Indore, On the second death anniversary of Kailashchandra Patidar, he came to unveil his statue.

However, the Minister of State for Agriculture avoided the question of implementing Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations. He said that 99 percent of the nominated schemes related to the interests of farmers were implemented by the Modi government in the country. What Modi government has done for the farmers in three years has not happened in 60 years. Someone is trying to provoke farmers.

The BJP’s national general secretary, Kailash Vijayvargiya, who is chaired by the program, said that Kailashchandra Patidar Babuji has come on the death anniversary, like the procession of memories is passing through the front. Babuji was such a person who worked as a neutralizer. He had no craving for the post. His face smiles and sharpness revealed his will to work for society.

Vijayvargiya said that when my assembly ticket was finalized by Mhow, I was confused. He came to me and said, fight the election from Mhow, you will win. Then during my election I helped in every way. Those who took him in politics, he used to embrace them too. They would say, no matter. The BJP worker is the same. I feel lucky to have a chance to work with them.

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Monsoon 2017 expected to be normal in India says IMD

The (June to September) Southwest monsoon 2017 is likely to be just normal (96 % Long Period Average (LPA)) , the IMD (India Meteorological Department) said on Tuesday 18th April 2017. IMD Issue long range forecast in two stage all over india. A Normal monsoon rain will benefit fertiliser manufacturing companies that produces huge DAP , Urea and other bio fertiliser as compare to below normal monsoon.

Monsoon 2017 top highlight :-

  • southwest Monsoon is likely to be 96 % (+- 5% errors ) normal this year 2017
  • Normal monsoon expected
  • Positive (IOD)Indian Ocean Dipole and weak EL Nino effect positive monsoon means  Good distribution of rain across the country.
  • 38% probability for near normal rainfall scenario
  • 3 to 4% GDP
  • The average rainfall over 89 cm (avg. of last 50 years)



Agriculture growth last three years :-

  1. 2014-15 Year 0.2 % Growth
  2. 2015-16 Year 1.2 % Growth
  3. 2016-17 Year 4.2 % Growth

Aloevera Cultivation and demand in indian market

Aloe Vera plant is grows wild in tropical climates around mainly in india and some African countries in the world and its also known as “Ghritkumari Plant’ in India. in recent year aloe vera cultivation increase due to the demand increase in agricultural and medicinal , Ayurvedic , herbal and health area. we agriculture market place portal offer manufacturers and exporter aloe vera plants , contact details of aloe vera nursery , aloevera plant companies , nursery plant contact details and all kinds of plant nursery business profile at agroinfomart web portal.

Aloevera Cultivation technical details :-

  1. Plant density (Population in farm) : 55,000 plants / 1 hactare
  2. Spacing between two plant – 60cm to 30 cm , 45 cm to 40 cm
  3. NPK Fertiliser – 50:50:50 / 1 hactare
  4. Water – As per soil and environments
  5. Production : 15 tonnes



aloe vera plant cultivation india

Global demand for aloe vera Extracts to Reach 60,720 Tonnes and demand increase day by day in Indian agriculture market. Aloe Cultivation , farming , Aloe vera products and plants to various well known herbal and Ayurvedic companies , agriculture agency , firm worldwide.

Aloevera Market area and application :

  • Ayurvedic , herbal and cosmetic firm
  • Aloevera juice manufacturers and exporter and supplier
  • Nursery plant business
  • contact pharma company
  • aloe vera extracts manufacturing and exporting companies


Largest Agricultural Crop Production state report India

India has shown good progress in agriculture and crop production day by day. The economy of india is dependants on agriculture and monsoon. The main crops are wheat , cotton , barely , rice , maize vegetable and fruits. India is second largest cotton seeds manufacturers after china in the globe.

The following table presents the largest agricultural crop production states and state wise report.


Agricultural Crop Details Largest Crop Producing State*
Cotton Seeds Gujarat
Food Grains producing state (wheat , Barley , bajari and Rye grains) Uttar Pradesh
Sugarcane Uttar Pradesh
Rice West Bengal
Maize Seeds suppliers Andhra Pradesh
Coarse Cereal Karnataka, Rajasthan
Oil Seeds (Groundnut seeds and indian peanuts) Gujarat
Mustard seeds Rajasthan
Soyabean supplier from india Madhya Pradesh
Indian Sunflower Karnataka
Largest Jute and vegetanle seeds West Bengal
Fruits and vegetable Andhra Pradesh
Flowers and Plantation Crops Tamil Nadu
Spices seeds Andhra Pradesh
Largest Brinjal and vegetable seeds suppliers Odisha
Largest Coconut and banana fruits Tamil Nadu
Cashew nut and grapes Manufacturers Maharashtra
Citrus, Lemon, Mosambi and mango Andhra Pradesh
Guava Madhya Pradesh
green and black Grapes prodcution Maharashtra
Apple manufacturers in india Jammu & Kashmir
Areca Nut producing state Karnataka
Cocoa Kerala
Orange and wheat seeds manufacturers Punjab
Largest Mango producing state in India is Uttar Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh
Pineapple West Bengal


Our major crop production , region , states and contribution statics details overview.

Wheat , groundnut and cotton Production report :-

Why NPK Fertilizer is rudimental fertilizer for agricultural lands?

Why NPK fertilizer is rudimental fertilizer for Agriculture lands we provide you uses of NPK and dosage of NPK fertilizer. Precaution for NPK fertilizers

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Importance of Pesticides to strive against crop pests and weeds in India

It is really important to get best production after sowing of seeds. We are discussing about to protect your crops against pests and weeds in India. When you got very good crops from best quality hybrid vegetable seeds you have to regularly check and protect your crops from pests. Pests will destroy your complete crop at the end of season and you will get nothing in result. So regularly spray best quality pesticides for crops. If you are confuse to select pesticides then visit agriculture experts and take participation in meetings of farmers regularly.

Pesticide importance for Agriculture in India

Benefits and Importance of Pesticides for Agriculture Industry

At Agro Infomart we have registered pesticide manufacturing companies from all over India. They are leading manufacturers and wholesalers of pesticides in India. There are several benefits of pesticides that are pesticide will increase production of grain, vegetables and pulses for mankind. With the use of pesticide we can get more productivity of food and fibre with same area of agriculture and minimum time. The demand of pesticide will rise in next few years. Farmers will get more production with fewer lands and manpower.

Check How to get best productivity of vegetables from hybrid vegetable seeds

We are one of the best directory portal of agriculture industry. We have so many registered manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of seeds n our directory. Today we are discuss about the productivity of vegetable with the help of hybrid vegetable seeds. Hybrid vegetable seeds are best form of vegetable seeds. These all seeds are researched and developed in laboratories by professionals.

We are providing you best manufacturers of vegetable seeds they have large range of brinjal seeds, tomato seeds, chili seeds, hybrid quality bottle gourd seeds. We only verify company profile who have authorized access of agro infomart and once the have registered their profile in our directory.