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Aloevera Cultivation and demand in indian market

Aloe Vera plant is grows wild in tropical climates around mainly in india and some African countries in the world and its also known as “Ghritkumari Plant’ in India. in recent year aloe vera cultivation increase due to the demand increase in agricultural and medicinal , Ayurvedic , herbal and health area. we agriculture market place portal offer manufacturers and exporter aloe vera plants , contact details of aloe vera nursery , aloevera plant companies , nursery plant contact details and all kinds of plant nursery business profile at agroinfomart web portal.

Aloevera Cultivation technical details :-

  1. Plant density (Population in farm) : 55,000 plants / 1 hactare
  2. Spacing between two plant – 60cm to 30 cm , 45 cm to 40 cm
  3. NPK Fertiliser – 50:50:50 / 1 hactare
  4. Water – As per soil and environments
  5. Production : 15 tonnes



aloe vera plant cultivation india

Global demand for aloe vera Extracts to Reach 60,720 Tonnes and demand increase day by day in Indian agriculture market. Aloe Cultivation , farming , Aloe vera products and plants to various well known herbal and Ayurvedic companies , agriculture agency , firm worldwide.

Aloevera Market area and application :

  • Ayurvedic , herbal and cosmetic firm
  • Aloevera juice manufacturers and exporter and supplier
  • Nursery plant business
  • contact pharma company
  • aloe vera extracts manufacturing and exporting companies