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Largest Agricultural Crop Production state report India

India has shown good progress in agriculture and crop production day by day. The economy of india is dependants on agriculture and monsoon. The main crops are wheat , cotton , barely , rice , maize vegetable and fruits. India is second largest cotton seeds manufacturers after china in the globe.

The following table presents the largest agricultural crop production states and state wise report.


Agricultural Crop Details Largest Crop Producing State*
Cotton Seeds Gujarat
Food Grains producing state (wheat , Barley , bajari and Rye grains) Uttar Pradesh
Sugarcane Uttar Pradesh
Rice West Bengal
Maize Seeds suppliers Andhra Pradesh
Coarse Cereal Karnataka, Rajasthan
Oil Seeds (Groundnut seeds and indian peanuts) Gujarat
Mustard seeds Rajasthan
Soyabean supplier from india Madhya Pradesh
Indian Sunflower Karnataka
Largest Jute and vegetanle seeds West Bengal
Fruits and vegetable Andhra Pradesh
Flowers and Plantation Crops Tamil Nadu
Spices seeds Andhra Pradesh
Largest Brinjal and vegetable seeds suppliers Odisha
Largest Coconut and banana fruits Tamil Nadu
Cashew nut and grapes Manufacturers Maharashtra
Citrus, Lemon, Mosambi and mango Andhra Pradesh
Guava Madhya Pradesh
green and black Grapes prodcution Maharashtra
Apple manufacturers in india Jammu & Kashmir
Areca Nut producing state Karnataka
Cocoa Kerala
Orange and wheat seeds manufacturers Punjab
Largest Mango producing state in India is Uttar Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh
Pineapple West Bengal


Our major crop production , region , states and contribution statics details overview.

Wheat , groundnut and cotton Production report :-